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I hate how over dramatic kpop fans are. They praise every little thing these idols do. They say Hi to a fan and it’s like they cured world hunger.

People need to stop acting like park bom committed murder. It was prescription drugs legal in the u.s. yeah it was sketchy of her but idk I feel prob would’ve done the same thing if I needed my medication. Yeah its illegal but so is running stop signs.

yuri and seohyun from snsd looks exactly the same to me

The way 15&’s Yerin called out Youngjae saying he is ugly and “not funny” was just rude. She is in no place to call him that, i mean did she even looked at her face in the mirror? and she is definitely NOT funny at all!! She wouldn’t have even survived variety shows if it wasn’t for Jimin but i guess calling out ppl like that is her way of being “funny”. i really despise her for saying such things. what a shallow person!

i wasn’t interested in f(x)’s comeback redlight but just now i decided to watch it and holy fuck the concept was amazing. most f(x)’s concept are just colorful, fun looking like every single concept. but this concept was truly amazing. especially the song.

As a Panda I hate some Eunji Stan so much. They are so bias why do they always downgrade Apink member and say Apink is popular because of Eunji. When Eunji was popular during Replay 1997 it just benefit her because she establish herself as a actress that didn’t involve Apink at all. I think Apink wouldn’t be where they are without NoNoNo and we need to thank all the boy group for covering NoNoNo that when I start to feel Apink popularity.

I like Taemin but “Danger” sounded like some kind of remix of a SHINee song and not a very good song at that.. I haven’t listened to his album so I can’t say anything about the other songs….The mv was alright but honestly I find it humorous Taemin is trying to be badass. 

ppl don’t admit it but apink wouldn’t be as big if they didn’t have eunji.

why r naeun stans so jealous of eunji’s success? they r always shading eunji despite being pandas. so very sad they can’t be happy 4 eunji!..i’m worried for eunji’s solo if apink fans’ are this immature..

Although Stardom treated Block B like shit you’ve gotta admit that Block B had better songs when they were under Stardom.