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I like Hyuna’s singing voice but the tone of her voice when she is rapping is one of the most annoying things I have ever heard. 

I’m a huge I GOT7, but I can’t really help but feel bad for the other groups that JYP said would debut this year. It’s halfway through the year already, but there haven’t been any announcements or teasers on 6MIX and 5LIVE. I really wanna see Brian Kang, Park Jehyung, and Ahn Lena in action.

*sorry for the lq picture I couldn’t find a better one. 

So Hello Venus is kinda going down hill. Pledis and Fantiago are shit and I think that the girls were the best girl group rookies of 2012. Most of all it was the fact that they actually had potential to get far maybe like Apink. But the fact that two members have now left, I believe it will actually open doors for HV because the four other girls were extremely underrated and talented and If Alice becomes the Leader (Which she hopefully and rightfully deserves to be) With her voice, Yooyoung’s and Nara’s voice and Lime’s rapping, They could actually showcase something much stronger. I hope the best for HV, Ara and Yoonjo. Even though their companies are complete mess ups. 

Hyuna’s cb this time is much better then her previous ones.

lc9’s new song east of eden is literally the song that actually touched me than other sad songs. it was pure beautiful and made me cry for an hour. i feel upset that eden left and rasa went to the military. i wish eden would come back it’s heartbreaking to see the members upset.

i hate when kpop fans are like ” I don’t no why but I don’t like (name)” or ” (name) gives me a bad vibe” what do you mean ? If you cant find a GOOD reason to not like someone, the problem is not with them , it’s with you!

If baekhyun wasn’t in exo I think I might actually like them.

Miss A is the greatest girl group out there. Every single one of them is something to envy. Fei is literally one of the most prettiest people I’ve seen, everything about her comes off warm and kind. Jia is very sexy and her personality is fantastic. Min is sexy, cute, lively, basically the whole package. Suzy’s kindness is like no other, it’s hard to believe someone like her exists, not to mention she’s so beautiful & hard working. They are truly admirable.

Yoona doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets. Why? She is sweet and the total opposite of rude.She isn’t useless either: she is a good dancer and her voice is OK (not as bad as people claim it to be). She doesn’t get more screentime/attention than she deserves as a visual.To be honest, I don’t get where all this hate comes from.

all she does in look pretty—i wanna see namjoo and hayoung on variety instead- naeun more suited for modelling