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I agree with the previous confession that we should keep being vocal about how wrong Racism is but the thing is I have noticed with a lot of kpop fans is that they don’t have have problem reblogging/posting something that is racist. If you are going to be against racism then be against it COMPLETELY don’t pick and choose which race you feel it is or isn’t okay to discriminate against. Because at the end of the day if you are racist against ANYONE IT IS WRONG! I’m really sick of seeing people contradict themselves when it comes to this topic. 

I have to agree with Chansung who said “Society is diseased”. This is just a small fraction of how diseased society is. Soohyun donated 300 million won to Danwon High School and requested it be used for a memorial for the victims of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy as well to support family members, peers, teachers and friends of the victims.
Yet nothing is ever good enough for netizens. They are awful people to call him (or anyone else) out for the amount they donate. Only in their sick twisted minds would the amount matter. I can only assume the victims of the tragedy and their families are incredible greatful for any donation no matter the amount. It’s really pathetic netizens have to turn something thoughtful into something negative. To any netizens out there grow up and find something more meaningful in your life to focus on then belittling these idols. 

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Seeing what songs are on top of charts make me think that to be on top: you have be a non-idol or you have to make a comeback after sever yeards of hiatus, or better both. Music deson't really matter.

I really miss Jonghyun’s ( Of SHINee ) blond/brown-ish hair. In my opinion; that was his best haircut.

Am I the only one who doesn’t ship Mad Clown and Hyorin together? It’s not about looks, it’s about awkwardness and if it’s not obvious already but they look so awkward around each other and his face just shows it completely.

The award for lamest reason behind banning a song goes to “Galaxy” because they say Galaxy 8 times in a song it gets ban because it sounds like they are promoting Samsung Galaxy? I wonder if EXO “Overdose” will be ban since overdose usually refers to drugs or alcohol. I don’t think it should be banned but if they fallow the rules they have before it should be. It’s only fair to other groups who have had their songs banned for “inappropriate content”.

"You’re not Korean nor do you speak Korean you shouldn’t listen to kpop." Im not a rude person, I usually don’t say this but seriously fuck off. People can listen to whatever the fuck they want and if it bothers you that’s your own problem. Getting worked up over that shit, worry about what other people are listening too. You need to worry about those grades and get a job!

I just saw on an other confession blog someone say that an open minded person wouldn’t care about racism in Kpop and we should just stop listening to kpop and get over it? Wut? .-. Racism isn’t ok. It will never be ok. We shouldn’t get over it, we should keep talking about it so that it will change so, not just idols, but everyone will stop. I’m not trying to be rude or bring hate or anything. I hope people don’t get mad with this confession…

I think elf’s are becoming really arrogant with their “yah 2014 is SuJu’s year” but why do other groups win the choice awards? If some of you would have at least half the passion of an exo-fan, it would be really sujus year. Support your group!!!

Do you really think GD would be happy with you harassing Kiko on Instagram and other sites? Whatever happened between the two is their business! Not anyone else! Especially the fans. GD would be ashamed of the fandom if he found out about your behavior. Stop being so childish and leave Kiko alone. She’s done nothing to deserve the harassment.