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i haven’t seen Kyungsoo act so I can’t really say anything about his acting but I think Top and Yoochun are the best idol actors in the business. They’ve come to a point where they are known just as much (if not more) for their acting then they are for music. Kyungsoo has yet to reach that level. 

I love Dae Nam Hyup! I wish Rap Monster was more active though.

I hate how YG has this favoritism over his artists. Lee Hi, AkMu and Winner are the least of his priorities. Of course he promoted Winner well, that’s cause he has to, obviously not because he wants to. “Winner is not YG style” its like he forgot about Mino … oh wait? He dislikes Mino the most .. I can’t wait for Winner to take over YG, not as that next Big Bang shit but as “WINNER” themselves. I just hope that G-Dragon won’t be the successor of the company cause it might fail … LOL

One day “Oppa” will date someone, it CAN be YOU or someone ELSE, one day oppa will get married, he can get married to YOU or maybe someone ELSE. Its getting annoying when fans immediately deny rumors about their oppa dating, in this case JIN caused rumors about him dating are out. Wake up! the world is big, your oppa will date someone, girl or a boy or any other gender, please don’t be so butt hurt about him dating, its not like bighit will admit to it. Can’t you be happy for him instead?

Kyungsoo is the best idol actor out there.

I love Kidoh and Jenissi but I think A-tom and Yano are better than them as rappers? its like A-tom> Yano (or the other way around)> Kidoh>Jenissi? Kidoh originally wanted to be a producer though so Idk .. but Jeni-noona’s sass would make up for it and his amazing diss tracks >D

I wish Iron won SMTM3. I mean Bobby’s great but Iron reminds me so much of Mino. He’s so raw sometimes it becomes scary though.

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Anonymous asked:
hei love, im so sorry to bother you. i was just wondering if you can send the person who submitted this /post/97750181104/one-day-i-woke-up-and-suddenly-i-already-dislike a message and ask them exactly what did rap mon say about winner and if they have some kind of source? or if the person was on anon if you could post this on your blog so others can see it and answer my question? i really dont wanna make a bad opinion if i dont have evidence tbh. im so sorry omg and thank you~ have a great day

This was taken out of an article on Soompi…

“Even before their debut, WINNER received a lot of attention, and being under YG Entertainment never hurts. Us, however, had no buzz around our debut, and I believe we have built our way up. I think that we will be able to pave our way to the top if we stay true to our roots.”

“WINNER and us have different styles of music. WINNER debuted with lyrical R&B music, but I think we are different. I believe a darker and wilder image will attract people,” 


Whether this is what that confession was referring to i don’t know but it’s the only thing I could find when I looked up Rap Monster and Winner. 

Welcome and no problem. 

One day I woke up and suddenly I already dislike Bangtan. I don’t know if its the ARMYs that ticked me off or Rap Monster’s comment about Winner. But the funny thing though is I don’t consider myself as an Inner Circle although I’ve watched WIN closely but still there’s something about Rap Mon’s personality that seems off.

Jjongah couple was the reason I started watching WGM. I really want them to become a real couple =^-^=