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BTS is truly the definition of a perfect band. Their music is on point, lyrics are meaningful, they look flawless, they are close to each other, they are charming and they are fun loving! What else can a group need?

Block B’s comeback was a bit disappointing. It was mainly zico again and the song wasn’t even that catchy.

Ailee’s amazing. Her voice is amazing and her body is prefect *.*

SM seems to be falling apart at the seams. Sucks for the artists but SM is getting what’s coming to them for being such a dickhead company for so long. 

I never understand why people feel so negative with Suzy, saying she’s selfish,stupid , or not that attractive. Suzy can’t help that people like her ,she gets assigned solo project and she does them , just because she’s pretty or you don’t like her does not mean she’s stupid. What is bashing her going to accomplish? You think the other girls are going to magically gain popularity ? Just accept she’s popular and try and promote and support your bias . Don’t be a salty bully to Suzy.

I always laugh when people say B.A.P is overrated. I mean seriously? The day your bias gets on the plane and goes immediately after the flight to perform push up choreography while singing&rapping live on stage then come back to me and say it again.

I dislike BIGBANG’s music but I love their individual solo works..all of their solo’s are amazing.

Yerin from 15& is shallow as fuck. She only cares about the looks. she even dyed her hair recently to look alike Sunmi and she always hangs out with the air-head Suzy. She even once called out GOT7 YounJae for being ugly while she always complements Mark for his looks !!! I wish she would stay away from Mark coz he is better off without all her unnecessary drama.

Jackson comes off as more obnoxious then anything. I don’t know if that is how he is irl but he needs to tone it down a bit imo.

Living up to the standards of what a “good” kpop is expected to be is like living up to the standards of what a devote Christian is supposed to be like. it’s such bs. No one fan is perfect. It’s impossible to be perfect in general but a lot of kpop fans are up on their high horse acting as they’ve Never done anything wrong as a kpop fan.