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I honestly don’t know if I should be sad or happy that there aren’t many confessions about SHINee.

I’m really afraid that I won’t get to thank SHINee - or go to one of their concerts. Even though I don’t see a reason for them to split, I have this little fear that something terrible will happen. I really wish the best for them.

It pains me knowing that B.A.P will have a concert in my country and I can’t go! It sucks! It hurts! And it took me weeks to play One Shot! My heart really hurts, but I will never stop loving them.

 My secret ship is Park Bom and Kangnam (M.I.B). She looks like Barbie and he looks like Ken, nuff said.

Ok. I’m a new exostan, well, reading what old exostans tweet about new exostans in twitter makes me sad. I mean, it’s kind of offensive for us, new exostans really. We know that they know exo better than us but we are all the same. And of course, not all NEW exostans only loves exo just because of looks or how hot they was but also how great their music is. Is it that bad to be a new fan of EXO?

English is my native language and I get embarrassed when I mispronounce a word or miss spell something. That chick said “Himchan probably isn’t losing sleep over the loof thing.” he probably did that night after the NY concert when all those feelings of embarrassment he possibly felt when “Hurricane” first came out and people were making fun of it were brought to the surface again. Just because you find if endearing and cute doesn’t mean Himchan does/did and his feeling should have been put first in this situation. 

Anonymous Whispered:
I can't believe there are people complaining about the comeback setbacks. Wow.

me either anon..

We as kpop fans can come together when a certain group is up for a big international award but not when Korea as a country is dealing with a very tragic situation right now?

Please stop complaining about comebacks being delayed.

Please be considerate of those who have lost family members, have family members who are still missing and those who survived this heartbreaking event. 

Peoples lives were changed forever in a matter of a day. These people deserve to have the focus on them in their time of need. Whatever news that is released that is related to the ferry is much more important then any comeback. 

It’s called humanity. If you are more concerned about your bias group’s comeback being delayed then you are for human lives I suggest you reevaluate your priorities in life.

-Admin A


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One of my biggest fears as a kpop fan is one of the idols i love dying. I don’t know that I could keep listening to the group they were from or possibly even kpop. It’d just be too hard.

I think Ailee’s voice needs little bit od Park Bom’s voice in it and other way a round.’Coz we all know that Ailee has amazing technique, and Bom has unique voice.If you combine those two I think you would have the most perfect voice ever!